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346 Merrimon Ave. Asheville, N.C.  28801
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Patient Reviews

Aaron ‎ - March 21st

I am a landscaper and have had serious shoulder and upper back pain for the last couple years. 2 months ago I woke up and could not move my neck or head. I started getting my range of motion back after a couple days but was still having severe pain if I moved my head/neck too quickly. I was also starting to experience numbness in my left arm and hand. After 2 or 3 weeks I decided to go see a chiropractor. I was a little skeptical but after I read all the great reviews on Dr Snider's site I decided to try his free consultation. After one visit almost all of my neck pain had subsided. After a month of treatment my neck feels great, all of my shoulder pain is gone, and the numbness in my arm and hand are gone. I highly recommend Dr. Snider's services to anyone. His staff is also very nice and make you feel very comfortable.

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SNIDER CHIROPRACTIC, Asheville Est.1985 of Asheville, NC. Quality chiropractic care provided by Asheville Chiropractor Stephen Snider and staff at our beautiful NC office. Providing a wide array of chiropractic procedures including Free Consultation, Asheville Chiropractic, Chiropractic Adjustments, Asheville, Adrenal Stress Disorder, CANDIDA, Spinal Decompression Asheville, Sciatica, Disc Pain, FATIGUE, Homeopathy And Homeopathic Care For Asheville, Low Blood Sugar / Hypoglycemia, Menopause Natural Help Chiropractor Asheville, Nutrition, Vitamins Asheville Chiropractic Wellness, Natural Thyroid Care Asheville Chiropractor, TMJ And Jaw Pain Asheville Chiropractic, Therapeutic Exercise, X-Ray / MRI / CAT SCAN, Sciatica, Applied Kinesiology, Back Pain, Nutrition, Headaches, Spinal Decompression, TMJ and many other services. All of this available in our convenient Asheville chiropractic office in Asheville, NC. Proudly serving: Weaverville, Merrimon Avenue