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Nutrition, Vitamins and Minerals

vitamin bottles on a shelf in Dr. Snider's office

Vitamin and mineral treatments: Have you ever been confused about what vitamins to take? Should you take Vitamin A, Vitamin C, or Vitamin E? What about calcium and a multivitamin? If you take a supplement, shouldn’t you feel better?

We take all of the guess work out of making these choices by determining what your body needs with Applied Kinesiology, not what a television commercial suggests what you need and also by figuring out which supplement works best for you. We find that most people are taking the wrong thing because the supplement does not match up with their body or the patient is allergic to it. The most common problems that we address by using vitamins and mineral are.

We treat other conditions as well. If you have any questions please contact us. Please note that we would not recommend stopping or reducing medication if you are under medical care. We would work with your physician to get symptoms to improve and to monitor your progress.

We carry a full line of nutritional products from these quality companies.