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Our History

Stephen Snider Chiropractic Degree
Asheville Chirpractic office photograph from the 1950s
This office was established in 1956 by Dr. J. V. Burns

Our building at 346 Merrimon has a long history and we would like to share some of it with you. The building was built in 1926. At the time, Merrimon Ave. was all residential and a very nice neighborhood to be living in. We only have the history from 1943 till present.

In that year it was purchased by the Chandler family. There were 2 sons and a daughter. The daughter’s name was Annette. She informed me that her father planted the Dogwood tree that is still there today. We always thought that our dogwood was one of the prettiest on Merrimon Ave.

It was thru Annette Chandler Russell Winter that we have the picture (at right) of the building on that Christmas Eve in 1944. The star in the window meant that someone in the house was in the service. She told us one of her brothers was in France during the war. Annette inherited the building from her mother and eventually sold it to Dr. J.V. Burns (a chiropractor) in a 1956.

Dr. Burns was married to Edna Burns and had 2 children, Lane and Jimmy. The Burns family lived in the building for 10 years after which they moved to Arden. Dr. Burns and Edna practiced chiropractic here for 29 years until Dr. Snider purchased the building and the practice in 1985.

Dr. Snider has been practicing here since 1985. That means that this building has been a chiropractic center for over 50 years, the oldest continuing chiropractic office in Asheville. The walls I am sure have some stories but they must also have a lot of chiropractic charisma.