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Free Consultation

Chiropractic Consultation

A free consultation and spinal check is a great way to see how Dr. Snider can help you. When you schedule your appointment, please mention this offer to our office staff.

The consultation begins with a conversation between you and Dr. Snider about your health concerns and any conditions or symptoms you may be experiencing. After listening to your concerns, Dr. Snider will then perform a spinal check. Afterwards, he will discuss the results of his preliminary findings with you. You’ll then have the opportunity to decide if you’d like treatment. If you want some time to think about it without any pressure, feel free to schedule a paid appointment for a future date. Or, if you want to proceed ahead with paid treatment, Dr. Snider and staff can get started working on your health problems immediately.

Please note that the free consultation portion of your meeting does not include any exam, x-ray or treatment.

For further questions on our policy, please contact us and speak to our highly trained staff.

Get started today by setting up your free consultation with Dr. Snider by calling us, or simply fill in the form here. We look forward to meeting you and starting you on the road to wellness.